Life....the most precious thing in the whole world, yet very unpredictable and fragile thing. no one can tell how long and how well they are going to live their life. by having said that may i ask why anyone wouldn't like to have some security on their life?? when every one like to have their home,car,bank accounts,business, and other daily use things secure by some kind of security.

Are those things more important then life?

Are these things mean anything after life?

What will happen to your loved ones if you are not there?

You can go on and on its never ending list of What and IF.

Being in this business and losing my father in very young age, I wish i could show everbody what insurance really do for you , life doesn't have reverse gear it can never go and come back, but future is in your hands, secure it before its too late.

Every other loss can be recovered with in times, Time and Life when its gone....... its just gone.